Myprotein Pro SmartShaker Lite (1000ml水樽 Shaker)

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The Myprotein SmartShake™ Lite is the latest addition to our extensive range of sports supplement shakers. Standing at an impressive 1 litre capacity this shaker is ideal for those larger weight gain or meal replacement shakes, as well as doubling up as a water bottle keeping you hydrated during those intense training sessions.

The concave hexagon shaped grill, unique to SmartShake™, produces a smooth, lump-free shake, whilst the screw-on lid and 'flip-cap' ensure the SmartShake™ Lite is leak free.

Made from high quality, durable BPA-free plastic, the SmartShake™ Lite is suitable for both dishwashers and microwaves.


  • Smooth, lump free shakes
  • Massive 1000ml capacity
  • High quality, leak proof shaker
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