Onest Vegan Complete PRO 完整營養素食蛋白


份量選擇: 1.1kg (2lbs)
味道選擇: 朱古力 Chocolate【EXP 7/23】
$256.60 HKD $438 HKD




Industry Leading Plant-Based Powerhouse.

With a power packed 24 grams of highly bioavailable protein in each serving, it’s never been easier to give your body the fuel it needs to thrive.

A tour de force of power plants make up Vegan Complete Pro. Pea Powder, Organic Brown Rice Powder, Amaranth Powder Quinoa Powder, Spirulina Powder and Artichoke Powder combine to deliver broad spectrum protein-rich nutrition.


An Energy & Happiness Secret Weapon.

Without enough protein in your diet, you may experience the all-to-common blood sugar level drops, hunger headaches and energy crashes.

Giving your body the high-quality protein it needs is proven to balance hunger hormones such as ghrelin. This helps your energy stay sustained and consistent, so you’re not tempted to snack on junk!

Did you know that your brain relies on specific amino acids to build feel good hormones, such as dopamine and serotonin?

Vegan Complete Pro provides these essential amino acids in spades. Hello healthy brain and happier days!

Crafted To Help Crush Your Goals.

Getting enough protein has always been a challenge for plant-based fitness lovers. Whether it’s building bigger muscles, or slimming down your waistline, we’ve got your back.

Vegan Complete Pro provides proven nutrients that aid recovery, muscle building, and training performance.

Studies also show it reduces hunger, keeping you feeling fuller for longer. Meaning it’s easier to stay on track with your diet, so that you burn fat faster.

Whatever your goal, it’s closer than ever with a steady supply of Vegan Complete Pro!


每次一殼 36g粉,用400-600毫升室溫水或牛奶沖勻飲用,為更佳效果建議訓練後兩小時內飲用。




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