Infused Amphora Premium - Max Strength CBD Oil (6000mg) | 超強特濃 CBD INSPIRE 靈感 (集中、工作效率)

超強濃度 MAX Strength

價錢 (網店及門市購買相同):
$2,800 HKD


【 INSPIRE 靈感 (集中、工作效率) 】

Earthy 泥土香氣、Lilac 紫丁香、Citrus 柑橘


· 份量 · 

30ml(6000mg CBD) ,一支滴管(one full dropper) 含有200mg CBD.

· 使用方法 ·

官方建議每次使用1/4 至 1/3 滴管,即 50mg 至 70mg CBD 份量。使用份量因人而異,更詳請的個人建議份量計算請可看這裡


Infused Amphora - INSPIRE | 6000mg Premium High Strength CBD Oil Drops


Our Premium CBD Oil Drop Tinctures are made from only safe ingredients and no unhealthy additives:

      • 99% pure CBD extract, sourced from 100% organically grown hemp.
      • Plant-sourced terpenes for maximum cannabinoid effect
      • MCT Oil (Medium-chain triglycerides) for quick absorption

Infused Amphora’s 6000mg High Strength CBD oil drops are seriously potent for ultimate effectiveness! Each full dropper contains 200mg of pure CBD extract, plant-based terpenes and MCT oil to help you meet your wellness goals quickly and conveniently.

Whether it’s adding a few drops of some much-needed focus to your day with INSPIRE, helping to MEND those aching muscles, calming yourself with PEACE or finding some extra rest with ZZZ, our specially formulated effects-based CBD oil drop tinctures offer a safe alternative to help support your health targets.

6000mg Premium CBD Oil Drop Features:

      • All Infused Amphora CBD products are manufactured in the United Kingdom and third-party lab-tested for content and purity.
      • High bioavailability, second only to inhalation
      • THC Free & Non-intoxicating; pure CO2 extracted CBD guarantees you benefit from only pure all-natural hemp derived CBD without having to worry about consuming THC.
      • Added terpenes for added effect; all-natural, organic compounds found in plants – they are the primary constituents of the essential oils that provide flavour and aroma.
      • Does not contain any harmful additives.
      • Vegan and gluten-free
      • Pesticide-free


While CBD is now being researched as a remedy for a variety of ailments, past research has been limited, and additional human research is needed to back up CBD proponents' claims.

All of the buzz surrounding CBD studies and personal user experiences, on the other hand, indicates to a wide spectrum of possible advantages, ranging from potential benefits for treating chronic illness to supplementing general health and well-being.


To allow optimal absorption into the bloodstream, squeeze desired dose underneath your tongue and wait 30 to 60 seconds before ingesting.

CBD taken under the tongue is swiftly absorbed into the bloodstream by the sublingual gland, and effects can be felt in as little as 20 minutes.





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