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BPI Sports - ISO HD 高清100% 分離乳清



《感謝顧客饋折扣!》Smart Supplement 2019年再度榮獲官方授權品牌進駐,美國知名度最高之一BPI Sports全線產品給你最抵用價格,感謝顧客支持再度推出優惠,健身奶粉「一桶九折、兩桶八折」(可選不同產品)。

  • 不限購買數量或訂單金額
  • 是次優惠只限於健身奶粉產品
  • 網站及門市購買都可以使用這個優惠
  • 貨量有限,現貨狀態請按照網站顯示為準
  • 優惠限期: 1/11/2019 - 30/11/2019



BPI 讓你變得更強大!


4屆冠軍 Mr. Olympia 奧林匹克健美先生 Jay Cutler 唯一指定授權合作廠商

長據美國最受歡迎補充品榜首,擁有逾10年補充品生產技術經驗的健身補充品(Pre-workout)明星品牌 bpi,憑著突破性皇牌產品 1.M.R. 卓越的乳酸緩衝效果 (Lactic Acid Buffer),在健身補充品界中打響名堂,是目前最多健美運動員指定選用的增肌消脂補充品之一!





—100% 分離乳清蛋白(Whey Protein Isolate WPI) 更快吸收速度

透明營養標籤,含氨基酸成分表(Amino Acids Profile)

—18種必要及非必要氨基酸 (Essential and non-Essential Amino Acids)






100% Whey Protein Isolate

A rapidly absorbing whey (because of its purity) that drives protein synthesis within the body and fuels lean muscle.*

Protein Hydrolysate

The consumption of protein hydrolysate allows amino acids to be absorbed into the body at a more rapid pace which in turn maximizes the nutrients being delivered to muscle tissue for recovery and growth.*

Ultra Pure. Purely Delicious.

ISO HD™ contains 25 grams of Ultra-Pure, Ultra-Premium, Whey Protein Isolate. ISO HD™ is designed to support lean muscle growth and increased strength. With its relatively low calorie count and multi-functional blend of protein sources, ISO HD™ is perfect not only post workout, but also between meals. The nutritional profile of ISO HD™ is unmatched, tastes delicious, and mixes instantly. If you're looking for a premium isolate protein supplement with an innovative, adaptable profile and unrivaled taste, this is it!*