Green Tea X50 - Fresh Tea

買二送一!X50 Pre-Summer Sale
買二送一!X50 Pre-Summer Sale

份量: 60包 (獨立包裝) 30天用量 每天建議飲用兩包
味道: Forest Berries 森林野果
價錢 (網店及門市購買相同):



Get your glow on and starting feeling FRESH from the inside out today.

  • All in one superfood beauty blend
  • Marine Collagen for strong hair, skin and nails
  • Chaga & Lion's Mane Mushroom for balancing gut microbiota
  • Broccoli Sprouts fights free radicals and improves gut health
  • 60 handy sachets in each box
  • Subtly soft and sweet forest berries flavour
  • Less than 10 calories per serve
  • Gluten free

Choose you and make every sip count with Fresh Tea

Fresh Tea is an incredible beauty blend of nature's best superfoods. Deep-Sea Atlantic Marine Collagen supplies protein to skin, hair and nails. Chaga and Lion's Mane Mushroom help improve gut microbiota, boosting beneficial bacteria, digestion and absorption of nutrients. Let's not stop here, Curcumin and Chaga provide antioxidants and help reduce inflammation, while Broccoli Sprouts support digestion and cleanse. Fresh is only a sip away.





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