ONEST Amino Load


份量: 465g (30次用量 每次使用一匙)
味道: 蘋果糖 Candy Apple【EXP 3/24 即期優惠】30% Off
$257.60 HKD $368 HKD



Onest AminoLoad 是即時消化吸收的必要氨基酸 (essential amino acids),供應肌肉蛋白質合成 (muscle protein synethsis) 極為重要的營養,相比起其他同類產品例如BCAA補充品更加全面,另外亦加入了椰子水、電解質等成分,幫助身體更快吸收及補充水分,支援更長時間的訓練,以及更快啟動訓練後的肌肉恢復過程!


Recover Faster

Aminoload floods your body with the resources it needs for optimal recovery.

Containing all 9 essential amino acids required to maximize protein synthesis and develop the anabolic environment that drives muscle growth.

Along with L-glutamine, shown to speed up recovery. Astragin®, which increases the absorption & bioavailability of amino acids. And L-taurine, to build muscle fullness and increase strength.

Aminoload helps you recover, repair and rebound into your next workout like nothing else!

Improve Muscular Endurance

Say goodbye to tired muscles, underperforming workouts and wasted time.

AminoLoad is formulated to improve muscular endurance from day one. This means you can workout harder, squeeze out more reps, train longer, and get better results.

AminoLoad also contains Calci-K®, a patented blend that supports blood flow, muscle contraction, pumps and growth.

Operate at your peak with AminoLoad.

Stay Hydrated. Perform At Your Best.

Aminoload’s hydration & electrolyte blend comes with everything the body needs to stay hydrated and perform at your best.

L-Glutamine to speed up recovery. Coconut water to replenish electrolytes lost during workouts. L-taurine to regulate blood sugar levels. And Astragin®, shown to support gut health while reducing inflammation.

Together these tools allow you to maintain workout performance, recover better than ever, and come back tomorrow with a vengeance.


每次沖調飲用一匙 (15.5克),使用清水500-600毫升,可按需要添加。在運動訓練期間和之後飲用。  




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