A new PERFORMIX brand pumps sales growth

A new PERFORMIX brand pumps sales growth

Patrick Lui |

This page is an authorized reprint of a case study by InterbrandHealth .

Fitness is about body and mind. By focusing on both, PERFORMIX became a bestseller, reaching new customers interested in more than just bulking up.

Six months after launch, the bodybuilding community made Performix’s fitness supplement SST the #1 bestseller at GNC. But the company needed to reach a wider audience of everyday athletes while still appealing to core customers. InterbrandHealth became an essential partner. Decades of brand building experience and an in-depth understanding of the health consumer informed the answer: a focus on the holistic role fitness plays in our lives.

First and second-hand research informed a strategic shift from aesthetics and fitness towards a luxury, lifestyle, and performance-driven brand experience. Performix isn’t just a supplement; it’s key to your daily pursuit of excellence in fitness and in life. It helps you get the most out of your workout, but success doesn’t stop there—Performix is a crucial part of a disciplined approach to your body, career, personal relationships, and mental health.

The new look of Performix used hallmarks of luxury, fashion, and retail while the design detail in the logo communicated the transformative shift that Performix delivers. A social media strategy that focuses on building a like-minded Performix community enhances the experience. A premium sub-brand, Performix-Iridium, was designed to further permeate the lifestyle performance space.

Rather than cannibalizing current customers, the new strategy created leadership in the mass nutrition space for the brand and ensured loyalty of the new influential users Performix was after.

Performix-Iridium hit the shelves in 2016 and the new Performix brand has come to life in the company’s social media pages, events, digital training app, and packaging.

Less than one year after establishing the new brand in the marketplace, Performix became the biggest brand in the specialty nutrition segment and saw more than a ten-fold increase in its run rate.