Myprotein【新包裝 Advanced Weight Gainer】增重蛋白粉 (Hard Gainer Extreme V2)

Myprotein 歡迎使用消費券

Size: 2.5kg
Flavours: Vanilla 雲尼拿
$480 HKD $1,200 HKD


Extreme Gainer Blend, Hard Gainer Blend 重蛋白粉 轉換新包裝/名稱通知**
*這個產品英國官方曾多次更換產品包裝及變更名稱,因此顧客收到產品後有機會發現與產品頁面顯示的圖片有所出入;目前最新更改版本及官方名稱為「Advanced Weight Gainer」請留意產品的配方、味道、效果均沒有作出任何巨大變更*

增重粉 (gainer) 相對蛋白粉 (protein) 會有更全面的增肌增重營養,相對來說會更加適合偏瘦體質使用,不過增重粉建議的飲用量也會多一點。兩種補充品都適合每天飲用去維持穩定的營養供應。

用法:生產商建議每次3匙半 (相當於125克的粉),按照產品內提供的量匙,沖調500毫升清水,先落水後落粉。主要在健身運動後以及餐與餐中間飲用,其他時間可按需要增加飲用次數。

What is the Advanced Weight Gainer?

Our Advanced Weight Gainer has been created specifically to support your bulk-up ambitions, with a huge 35g of protein per serving — perfect for building and maintaining muscle.

The Advanced Weight Gainer also boasts a staggering 62g of carbs in every serving, giving you an excellent source of energy for your training, as well as supporting your post-workout recovery.

This all-in-one protein shake features additional ingredients to help fuel your training — including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Our Advanced Weight Gainer also contains creatine monohydrate, which is proven to increased physical performance,3 so that you can push for progress in each and every session.


Key Benefits
  • All-in-one formula
  • 35g of protein and 61g of carbs
  • 446 calories per serving
  • Added creatine, MCT, vitamins and minerals

Nutritional information may vary depending on flavour.

How to use
Add 3 1/2 scoops (125g) to 500-1000ml of water or milk, shake for 30 seconds and consume 30 minutes pre/post workout.



Smart Supplement

(Myprotein香港 正規銷售代理)



Myprotein 門市銷售點!




——Smart Supplement (MYPROTEIN 香港正規銷售代理)——

  • 快速發貨:出貨時間約1-3個工作即可送達
  • 線上及門市服務:即時提供產品諮詢、使用方法及配搭等諮詢
  • 已為用家試用並選出最人氣產品及最受歡迎的口味
  • 無需使用折扣碼:維持緊貼官網最大優惠及售價

—— 官網訂購 ——

  • 出貨時間一個星期到一個月不等,視乎當地物流和訂單數量
  • 有限度售後服務、英國官網方面回覆查詢較慢
  • 味道選擇過數十款,產品種類亦有接近千款顧客需要逐一盲試
  • 折扣碼經常改變或不定期出現、容易錯過優惠





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